Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Little Man... Andrew

I love eight!!! Andrew is eight years old today. My one an only son, the "golden boy". He has to endure four sisters at home every waking moment. He's a trooper and I love him!!!
Silly! I realized as I was looking for a picture of the birthday boy that they all look a bit silly. Another reason I love EIGHT!

He love trains and Chuck E Cheese and still lets me snuggle with him.

He recently made a thankful turkey in school, some of the things my eight year old is grateful for:

Ok, no one in the family made the list but God and Jesus did!! LOL And seriously how could you not be thankful for sharks!!

Dewy I love you more than any other eight year old in the world!!! You are my favorite son!!  EVER!!!


my family said...

happy birthday andrew!

The VW's said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!!! Eight is great!

summer said...

Happy Birthday Handsome Boy!!!!!!

Becca said...

Adorable!!! Happy birthday, Andrew!!

Rochelle said...

Welcome to 8 Andrew! Hope your year is fabulous!

Michelle said...

Sweet! Happy Birthday!!

Robin E. said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Hope you had a great day!!!