Monday, November 21, 2011

Seriously Thing Of Taking The PLUNGE!!! Should I????

Oh my goodness, my daughter Sophia and I are seriously thinking of taking the Penguin Plunge this year!! It's to support the Special Olympics. It is being help at the beach closest to us this year, "our beach". Oh I think we're going to do it!!   My only fear is my heart stopping! I even googled the plunge to see if anyone has ever died... no one has... yet. But it was ranked number nine out of ten for most dangerous events. 

 ACK!!! Should we do it???? I get so freaking excited thinking about it. But you know it all looks great in your head. But when you actually have to do it... yikes!! What if I wimp out!!!

It's January 1st, and the only thing that date promises is freezing temps. Gosh it could be snowing and windy, what if there is a blizzard! 
Sophia is all for it, but the other "wimps" won't do it. They did promise to cheer us on safely from shore. 

Tell me what you think!


Rochelle said...

I will be cheering you on from the shore!

aimee said...

I jump every year in freezing cold Utah for the Special Olympics! Last year I was dubbed a "super plunger" because I just 3 times in a 24 hour period, one was at midnight! I promise it's not as bad as you would think and you warm up really fast afterwards! I would recommend wearing a swim cap, it keeps your head warm and keeps your hair dry so you aren't stuck with wet hair after :) Also wear clothing that is easy to rip off after, the faster your wet clothes come off the faster you get warm :) It's totally worth it and I have a blast! I will be super plunging again this year!

-Aimee Bennett

aimee said...

Oh and last year the midnight jump was during a "blizzard" :) Not really but it was snowing and it was a blast!

Lizzy M. said...

Yours is in January?!? In chicago SO waits till March. There is usually still snow and ice in Lake Michigan but its so much fun (plus people donate more money because they think you are nuts!)

stephanie said...

Aimee you make it sound like a piece of cake!!
Thanks for the tips!

Thanks Lizzy, i think I'm nuts for even considering this!! :)

aimee said...

Any idea what kind of hole they have at your plunge? The first time I did it there was a small hole about 5 ft wide and it was only about 4 feet deep so you didn't have to go under. This last year it was about 6 1/2 ft deep and after you jumped you had to swim about 25ish ft up to the boat ramp to get out. YIKES!

stephanie said...

Aimee the hole is the Atlantic ocean!!! Everyone runs in..

Emma said...

This kind of thing does happen here where I live, and I live in the north of Scotland! Each year on Boxing Day there is the "Boxing Day Dip" where people pretty much go for a dip in the sea, on Boxing Day!! coldest time of year, and this peedie corner of the world is VERY cold in winter! they get sponsored for it and money goes to local children's cancer support charity.

I always say, good on you to all those willing to try something like that!! don't think I could, but I know folk that do!

E x

The VW's said...

Honestly? I think you're crazy to even think about it! : )