Sunday, November 20, 2011

The American Dream?? Not Sure I want It...

When I was growing up I used to dream about what my "perfect life" would be.  I grew up with my mom only. She worked hard to support us and she was a single parent. I had no siblings and we lived in a small apartment.

My friends all lived in houses and had dads and siblings. In my mind, my perfect family was a home and a family. A complete family. I really didn't deviate from that as I grew up. I wanted a big family, a house a garden where the children could play and of course the daddy.

Images like these swirled in my mind. The perfect family!! 

The Sound of music was and still is one of my favorites. "My" children would all behave. I was completely in favor of the whistle method!

Of  course we all know that's not how it really is!! Children come in to your life and each one is unique and precious and beautiful, but they are not and never will be predictable or programmable! 

Unfortunately people are trying and "succeeding" to make their own "perfect" family. We live in a world that spends billions on recycling. You don't dare throw a paper on the ground. How could you even think about destroying Mother Earth that way. But you can legally throw your kid in the trash(abortion). Sorry but does that child go in Blue or green?? yeah I'm off and running!

 Which brings me to this.Which believe me I really wanted to stay away from...
 The new Down syndrome test that Sequenom has produced, in my opinion, was born in the bowels of hell, whipped up by demons and presented to Satan, who then handed it to us. And of course just like the freakin apple, we took it. 

And with it we will proceed to make the perfect families! Grab the American dream and live the good life. No more needless worrying about messing up family photos with a child with Down syndrome! I mean how would that look on the Christmas cards.

What exactly is Sequenom trying to achieve here. You wolf  in sheeps clothing!!! Annihilation!!That's what they are trying to achieve! They wrap it up in a pretty box with a cheap price tag ... “It’s better than anything by far that we’ve ever seen in testing for Down syndrome noninvasively,” said Jacob A. Canick, a professor of pathology at Brown University and the senior author of the study. 
But tell me,  what do you do after the testing?? Do you smile and tell the parents congratulations!! Our tests came back positive! You just won the lottery. Down syndrome is nothing to be afraid of. It's no big freakin deal! Your kid will be fine. He will walk and talk and bring you joy and love. He won't screw up you family photos!! Yes there will be challenges but you WILL over come them.

Or do you simply say, this way to the abortionist. We'll clear this little problem up in no time for you.There is no need to carry this burden any longer.

If this is the American dream KEEP IT!  A society that wants everything perfect, a society that will kill it's own children because of a so called imperfection.

If you were told that later in life the child in your womb would become the most loathsome, hated  and dangerous person in the world would you abort him? What if there was a "simple" blood test that would tell you the future. Are you carrying  a rapist? A prostitute? A drug dealer?  Will your child live up to your expectations? Would you abort??

Simple... no you wouldn't. Because you would change that. You would, as a parent have the ability to love you child, nurture your child. You wouldn't give up on your child. And you wouldn't believe it!!

So why in the name of God do over 90% of woman give up on their child because they are going to give birth to a beautiful baby. A baby that will make them laugh and smile every day. A baby that will bring more joy than they will ever imagine. STUDIES prove it! 

Why? Because it's easier to throw it away and start over. There would be no need for Sequenoms new test if people weren't shaking in their boots at the words Down syndrome. How much freakin money are they going to make from this. Everyone benefits right? Praises for modern medical technologies, praises for doctors performing abortions, and praises from thankful parents who were spared the burden of a child with Down syndrome. And praises from a society that won't have to deal with Down syndrome! Finally all you tax payers will get a break! You've carried the burden of supporting this group of people long enough.
They need you to be afraid! They need to keep feeding the fear. If not, they are out BILLIONS! What the hell would they do if people started to keep their babies, if they weren't terrified into aborting them? They'd be out of a freakin job that's what would happen!
The American Dream! Go figure. Not exactly what I had in mind as a child. 

She is my dream. I'm glad I didn't let anyone take her away from me. Wake up America! Seriously...


Robin E. said...

Awesome post, Steph. There's a lot of tiptoeing around it, but it just needs to be said.

stephanie said...

Yeah I was never light on my feet:)

the three wise menn said...

Amen sister. I live the dream, with two chromosomally abnormal children. My life couldn't get much better!


The VW's said...

I adore you Steph! I hope many read this post and change their way of thinking because of it! Thanks for continuing to stick up for those with Ds, and for sticking up for "Life" itself! Hugs!!!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

you just wrote,'post of the year!' i shout AMEN, i yell woo hoo tell it friend! THE ENTIRE WORLD WAKE UP! LOVE YOU STEPH XXXX

Patti said...

Why? Because it's easier to throw it away and start over.

This is exactly what scares me- I didn't want to believe people were out there who really felt this way until I started making a stand for Down syndrome and a stand for life. I am so saddened by the realization that there really are a great many people who feel this way- but also so encouraged and inspired that there are people like you who will hold fast to LIFE and be bold about it.

Love you, friend.
And love that BEAUTIFUL girl!

Shannon said...

The test would be a positive thing if if it were just informative, not for taking an action. I would have loved to not have gone through an amnio risking my babies life to find out to inform myself. But the sad thing is most will use this test not for information, but to take action.

Rochelle said...

Awesome post as always. Such a sad truth. If only they would get ALL the facts about ds with this test, instead of just a yes or no answer.

stephanie said...

I agree Shannon this test could be used for good, but we all know that is not their intentions. And that is a crime!

Michelle said...

Truly sad.

Nancy Barlow said...

You said it well. Thank you!

Stephanie said...

LOVE this post. Thanks for shining light into darkness!!!!

Stephanie Lynch

my family said...

perfect? last time I checked there is no perfect except our sickens me to think people have the chance to decide if their child is "perfect" or not.
I love this live we have been given and thank God for it each and every day
beautiful post Steph