Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eggs For Carina Giveaway??

Ok here is a quick and easy giveaway for my Angel tree Angel, Carina.
A basket  of eggs! Christmas eggs!

These are the same beautiful ornaments I used in Olga's Give To back in July. I didn't offer the eggs because I don't have as many of these as I do the other ornaments. 

All the ornaments were special ordered from Poland and hand painted.

So how about an easy and fast giveaway??? Make a donation for any denomination to the Angel Tree for Carina, leave me a comment and you're in. Just running this through Sunday. You'll have these beauties in time to hang on your tree and trust me they are gorgeous! Just make sure you donate to her Angel Tree fund. 

A winner will be drawn on Monday November 14th by Emmie:)

Carina is an orphan in Eastern Europe waiting for her family. Reese's Rainbow is having their Angel Tree Project. It's their biggest fund raiser of the year.  The goal is to get at least $1000.00 into each orphans account.It is also a huge way to raise awareness to these children.  Most people are completely unaware of the life these children lead. Most children with Down syndrome in EE countries, are immediately given up for adoption. They are placed in orphanages where they are not always treated with kindness. A lot are mistreated and neglected. If by the age of four they have not been adopted they begin the process of being transferred to an adult mental institution, where 85% will die the first year due to poor care. Carina is now three and a half years old. Her time is running out. Please open your hearts to her.

 From Reece's rainbow:

Nature: Calm

Her picture is so forlorn … I hope we can find her a family to make her smile!
Carina is said to have a moderate intellectual delay, as well as a physical / motor function delay.  She has an open oval window of 2 mm (which may yet close on its own), and she has a heart murmur.   She has enlarged tonsils, and dermatitis — so, pretty much your standard little girl with Down syndrome!  

Just click"donate" on her donation box in my sidebar. That will take you directly to her Angel tree Account. Don't forget to leave me a comment and you will be entered in the giveaway for the ornaments. Also if you donate $35.00 or more Reece's Rainbow will send you a beautiful ornament of Carina to hang on your tree.

 It is completely possible that Carina's family will find her this Christmas. The Angel Tree has just begun and already FIVE little ones have forever families!!


twotwice2 said...

These eggs are beautiful! I donated!

Rosemary Marshall

Rochelle said...

Those are beautiful! You are amazing!

twotwice2 said...

It's me (again!). I just couldn't help myself! I have a Russian hand-painted egg, made of wood -- but it's nowhere near as pretty as this. It's mostly black, and I find it a bit depressing ... but it was a gift from a missionary in Ukraine back in the early '90s. Hope the rest of your Angel Tree project goes well!