Sunday, November 13, 2011

Send in The Clowns...

I've often referred to life in our home as a circus. Really there's not much Ringling Brothers have that we don't.
 One any given day there are bodies swinging from trees or furniture, or being  swirled around in  big giant toilet like contraptions. They are a fearless bunch.

Death defying stunts performed right before my eyes. Dare devils on bikes,  wild animal tamers(ok the cat is 18 years old and on his last leg, but he was pretty feisty in his day),

 There are monkeys of all kinds

 And then there are the clowns. What would a circus be without dancing clowns. Grab some cotton candy and a light up toy and enjoy The Greatest Show On Earth. (well my earth anyway)

**Don't forget to get your eggs!! Carina's giveaway ends today! 


The VW's said...

So cute!

Rochelle said...

Ok I am not sure who I love more Em or Peter! Love, Love, Love! Fantastic!