Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Birthday Letter

My Sweet Sophia!! You are 14 years old today! Can you believe it? My spunky, strong willed, most determined firecracker. You should have been born on the fourth! I was having major contractions on the fourth of July, 1999! But you decided you wanted your own day, and made me wait another 48 hours to meet you.

All your life you have done things your way. Sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't. But as the saying goes.. There's no flies on you"!!!

 You've got it all girl! Your beautiful and smart, and funny. But most of all you SPARKLE!

When you laugh, you light up the room. Your smile makes my heart swell. And when you are excited and tell a story, you talk so fast no one knows what you are saying. But I love it!  In those moments when you are just you, I find perfect happiness in just watching you... sparkle

All I wish for you Sophie is Happiness, Peace  and Love.

I wish you days that are perfect and filled with laughter.

I wish you success in whatever you choose.

I wish you a chance to finish the dance...  ;)

I wish you friends that never judge you .

I wish you faith to carry you through the tough times.

And I wish that you will always know, how much we all love you. 

You are a most amazing young woman. 

Never lose that SPARKLE !!!!  

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl... I love you more,


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