Thursday, July 18, 2013

Naked and Afraid!

Naked and Afraid. New reality show and quite possibly one of the strangest things I've ever encountered on the tube. I mean they are dropping these people off in dangerous and remote places. Places like the plains of Africa where you can be eaten by ...everything! Do you really have to be naked too? I mean if that lion is going to eat you, would jeans and a T -shirt make it less painful for you? Or give you some sort of strange advantage? No, I believe that lion would eat your jeans and t-shirt too. So what's up with the naked nonsense?

Meanwhile back at the ranch, we have our own version of Naked and Afraid going on. Only we call it, She's naked again, don't let her pee on the new carpet!!!  (and we're the ones afraid)

I think it's much more fun to watch than the original show. Our show features a crazy mother running around trying to catch a naked toddler who can run at speeds of a cheetah.  All the little bear cubs laughing (not helping) the mama  catch the nakie baby.

Standing watch at all times because you just never know when she will reappear, completely nude yet again. 

She tried to pull a fast one on me the other day and strip in her crib!  Luckily I forgot something in her room and discovered her before it turned ugly. 

Hopefully by the time school starts up she will have gotten over being without clothes "thing".  Until then we continue being Naked( her), and Afraid (me)!


my family said...

the version at your house has to be better,i know we have an episode of that show running around her too:) . i told john the other night when i saw a commercial for that show how crazy it was. my family watches survivor and amazing race, etc together but good grief why do they have to be totally naked? I know it is blurred out but really?no thanks, why not just bathing suits?

Jane George said...

yep that's tilly always stripping! she tore her bridesmaid dress off mid ceremony (for real!)