Saturday, July 13, 2013

Matching Grant , And Painted Clams. Come on Village You're Needed!

Ok, I'm getting off my butt and I need some company. Enough wallowing in sadness. I miss screaming for Carina. I even miss fund raising for her, but there are others I can help right now!

Angela and Jon are taking these two Dumplings home! 


And they are literally within spitting distance of doing the fully funded dance!  

I want to help! No more watching from afar. It's time for me to jump back in where I belong. 

So, anyone who donates $10 or more to their FSP will be in the running to win a painted shell. 

This one! It's a clam shell . I pick them from the beaches in RI and they are about 7 inches long. They look pretty displayed in a  small easel or hanging on the wall. They have a natural hook in the back already.

 Just  a small donation will help. If I get enough entries I will add another shell! And if you really hate this one, I'll let you choose another!!

Let me know in the comments when you donate!  I'll offer this until tomorrow night at 10:00pm EST


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