Friday, July 12, 2013

Speaking with Faces, Em Style

Em's spoken words may be scarce but we always know what she is thinking.

This is her "Yo" look. It means, I'm the leader in this crib.  You got somthin  to say bout that?

This face is one you need to learn. This face is saying, " you think I'm not looking but if you come near me or my ice cream I will eat you!"

And this face, the taunting face...Here she is saying "look mom I've climbed to the top of this deadly playground equipment , (most likely designed by a man with no children ) that has an 8 foot drop on two out of three sides and no protective bars, and I'm laying right out of your reach. What are you going to do now?"
Here's the "okay, one more cheesy  smile and I'm done for the day" look.

And then this look that says, "I can see heaven , but you can't"  ;)

And this sweet look that screams, "rest now mom, because I will wake up fully charged"

Oh and this cute one that says" What do you mean stop eating the candy? I'm gonna finish this bag no matter what. "

Don't let this face fool you. This is the no remorse face. It's saying" Why yes I made this mess and I'm proud of it."

This is a great one.I actually learned this face as I was writing this post. This face is saying " I just threw my freaking yogurt all over the carpet table and chairs".  Someone should have taken a picture of my face to see what I might be trying to say!

 And this adorable mug is saying without a doubt, "I am loved and happy and have one heck of a life!

So there you have it. Until her words come.. and they will, we have the faces.


Becca said...

Brilliant captioning!!! Love it. She's definitely a force to be reckoned with, I see...but such a sweet, sweet, sweet little face.... Mwaaaaah!

Mardra said...

OH MY GOD I couldn't Love this anymore! Wow.