Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Shining Light Called Down Syndrome

This kid ROCKS!

I don't think I will EVER get over the fact that I have a Dumpling with Down syndrome.

I mean I go through my days and hardly think about it, but every once in a  while I look at Em and think, "How the heck did we score her"

Sure she's a royal pain in the bottom some days... BUT, I think my other children, you know the perfect , typical kids, everyone desires... yeah those Guys, are bigger pains..hehe

Em has taught me patience, and determination. She's taught me to laugh more and scream like a nut is you feel like it. She has taught me that you don't need music to dance and  that sometimes a good belly laugh fixes everything.

She has taught me to be proud of the fact that she has Down syndrome. When I first found out, I was embarrassed. I felt like people would blame me.  Point a finger at me, for wanting one more baby.  

I look at Em and I think of all the babies that never made it, because of their diagnosis. I think of the aborted babies the abandoned ones, the orphans. And I think of their families, that will never know the joy they discarded.  The beauty they were afraid to hold on to. And it makes me so, so sad. 

I was afraid too. 


I didn't know what to expect, or what to think, or even if I could love this child. I had the worst thoughts come to mind when I was pregnant. Thoughts like , I wouldn't want to hold her. Or I wouldn't bond with her. I feared our whole family would fall apart due to the stress of a special needs child.   

I'm not saying it's easy. No child is easy. And some days leave us both frustrated and a little POed.

But  I would NEVER change a thing. She has blessed us in ways I cannot even put into words. 

In a  nutshell, the world needs people like Em.   They are the shining light in a world which is growing darker by the minute. And if you are one of the lucky ones to receive a light like Em. Hold on to it! Don't let it go out!  This gentle, loving light will guide you on days when you can't see anything else. This light will give you strength when you are weak, and more love than your heart can hold. 

If you are carrying a child with Down syndrome, consider yourself blessed. And protect that light growing within you with everything you've got ! Listen to no one who speaks with any negativity! You've been given a treasure!