Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How About a Little Catch Up?

It's been a busy couple of months at The Kaczmarzyk House!  Let's see, in April Olivia made her Confirmation! I guess I should add it was also by the skin of her teeth and a lotta help from the Holy Spirit! 
You'll just have to imagine how pretty she looked as we forgot the camera that day. Yup...

We also got a new family member in April. Welcome Gus Gus the hairy rat. Yay..  Of course guess who his favorite is? Me, the one who keeps him alive.

Moving forward, May brought beautiful weather and our annual trip to the park to steal all their Lilacs. Always a good time and guaranteed good laugh.

June brings us to Sophia's 8th grade Graduation! I now have two girls in high school!!! And two girls who need to be in school before 7:24am.. not humanly possible! September will bring it's challenges for sure.

 Ok I really don't like this photo but what the heck.

And one guess as to which kid is mine.  Counting the girls in white, the fifth from the left.. yes, the rocker with the long brown hair is mine and this is one of my FAVORITE pics of Soph! You go girl! You're your mama's daughter!

Also in June was the Gaspee Day 5k. Running a cool 29.04 was my chickie Bella.

Here she is on the outside headed home!

And Andrew won the award in school for the most Technological of all third graders. 

Now it's July. Starting with the fourth and followed quickly by the sixth which is Sophia's 14th birthday!! This summer is looking busy. July begins ballet Summer Intensive and Gymnastics.  I hope July also brings me to the beach!!  I also hope it stops raining in RI before September.  

And of course there's Miss Em. Doing her thing. Actually doing whatever she wants. She is progressing beautifully! Her speech is coming along. And I promise a video soon, showing off all her new words ;)

See you all soon!


Cammie Heflin said...

I've been a blogging slacker and behind on reading. Glad for an update :)

Dee Etheridge said...

Congratulations, Sophia! Thanks for all your prayers for Darya! You'll always be a part of our story (as well as mom and Emmie!)

Scrappy quilter said...

So good to read the update. Hugs