Monday, July 22, 2013


A couple of days ago, A FB friend posted a picture of her with her son. This picture had a profound affect on me. Photographs can move you at times. You all know the saying , "A picture is worth 1000 words." Well, this photo spoke volumes to me.  And the words added by Dawn describing the picture really hit me.

This wasn't an ordinary picture of a mother and son. You see Kolya, Dawn's son was just adopted from Eastern Europe.Kolya and Dawn's husband Rich were unexpectedly detained in country due to a problem with the passport for Kolya, making the wait for Dawn even longer.

And as with any adoption there were the mountains to move and stress, and the  hard work of fund raising. But that's not what hit me when I saw the photo of them together. It was something I didn't expect.

So without further ado here is the picture.

It's a great pic right? Mother and son. This picture alone made me cry. You can just see all the love Dawn has for Kolya and look at Sweet Kolya, so comfortable in his mama's arms.

But here are the words that went along with the photo.

"This was the moment I first saw him and his knees buckled he just collapsed in my arms. We held on to each other for a few mins before we moved."

When I read those words, and the tears started to fall... and fall. And it hit me point blank. 



Friends, these beautiful children, children with special needs, children most think don't understand, Children society thinks won't amount to anything..they KNOW!! They can feel that the life they have in the orphanage, the only life they know, is not right. Even if they are blessed to be in a decent orphanage, they KNOW it's not how life is supposed to be.

They can sense there is something more! There is something missing! And when they (the lucky ones who get families) feel love , true unconditional love for the very first time, they KNOW!

 No one tells them they are unloved. There caregivers don't sit and converse with them about it. But in their hearts these children KNOW

And they wait, silently...

Holding hope in their hearts. 

..." his knees buckled he just collapsed in my arms. We held on to each other for a few mins before we moved."


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