Sunday, July 7, 2013

Thankful Sunday... OMG Did I just Say That!

Ok I haven't written a Thankful Sunday Post in about 100 years. I know right!

Anyway I am thankful for many things. So here are just a few.

Our pool
 My friends
Flowers in my garden
Baby crickets!!! Tons of them, also in my garden! They will be singing me a symphony soon!
Bloggy friends making a comeback! Carol I missed you more than words could ever say!
Mike's hard lemonade
The smell of the ocean

I have a friend on FB who ends every post , no matter what she posts about , and sometimes they are about very difficult days, with the words ALWAYS BLESSED. I have learned from this friend that even in the midst of hard times , sad times , even grief and misery, there are things to be thankful for and blessings to be counted.

Another friend of mine has taught me (although she has no idea) how to find joy even when you are not feeling joyful. How's that?   Well this amazing woman, who shall  not remain nameless, Linny Saunders.. goes through many difficult and stressful situations. BUT, she finds joy in things. She doesn't stop laughing. She has found a way to not lose happiness because of anything happening in  her life.

I always thought if you were going through a bad time, then that's it. No room for any good times. Bad is bad and good is good and never the twain shall meet.

Having a good time or enjoying something in the middle of a crisis does not make you irresponsible or careless, or ignorant to the seriousness around you. God wants us to be happy all the time. More trust and more faith in God that He is in control in all situations is what enables us to breath and find the joy He wants us to have every day, not just on the days when everything is going the way we feel it should be.

Ok and what's a post without a picture of Em. The little spreader of Joy herself!


Rochelle said...

Thankful for you, my friend! Happy Sunday!

Scrappy quilter said...

Awe you're so sweet. You've been missed too. And that little one continues to bring a smile to my face everytime I see her. What a delight!! Hugs and love