Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm Melting, melting....

I know it hasn't been reported, but I'm sure the sun is moving closer and closer to Rhode Island every day, and will soon just eat us up!

IT'S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HUMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking slightly wilted, but still enjoying her PBand J sandwich. 

Feeling very blessed for our little pool that keeps us cool!

And what are those little bugs that sing in the trees when it's going to be hot??Anyone know?  Poor things haven't stopped for a minute! I remember my Grandmother used to hate to hear them because she knew they were a hot weather warning. I love the sound they make. Probably would be freaked if I actually saw them though. 

So all you people who don't suffer from extreme humidity, think of us as the sun moves closer and closer and we melt into the Atlantic.

Keep cool Friends!


my family said...

cicadas are the bugs you are talking about, they live under ground for 7 years then emerge to see the world. they dont live long after that but they do shed and leave behind a light brown shell you can find on tree,porches, etc....i may or may not have searched for the empty the shells with my sister when we were young to hang on our shirts, just sayin' ;)

Stephanie said...

AHA! Thank you April! I googled an image of them and I have found them a couple of time! Though I didn't know what they were at the time!

Rochelle said...

Don't melt my friend! Yes, cicadas are crazy here now too. We love to find the empty shells, the kids think they are cool!

Jane George said...

ooo darling we are the same here in england it's been weeks now of blasting heat..our green land is scorched like a desert! x