Friday, July 26, 2013

Light A White Candle.. Hanson and the Lost Boys are Remembered


Today there will be white candles bringing a glow to a sad situation. 

This child, Hanson, died alone in Eastern Europe in an orphanage. He died waiting. And his life and death went seemingly unnoticed by all around him.  But, that is not true! Hanson was loved!

He was loved by those who advocated for him. He was loved by those who yelled for him and prayed or him and raised funds for him. His face was known, and he was called by name, and he was LOVED!

No , unfortunately Hanson never knew who loved him.  He never got to feel real unconditional love while he was here on earth. And that's the saddest part of this story.

But Hanson's death will not go unnoticed any longer.  There was a special young man who really loved Hanson. A man who has the same challenges that Hanson had, and who could put himself in Hanson's shoes.  He wrote to a friend and said this "I don't think he should stay in an orphanage.  A family is a better thing.  I think I would have been a Lost Boy.  It would be scary.  I don't think I should think about it."

This young man was so moved to do something special for Hanson, that today at 3:00 in Canada there will be a  Full High Requiem Eucharist Mass for Hanson.

Since most of us won't be able to go to the Mass our part in remembering Hanson will be in the candle lighting. 

  A white candle for Hanson and the other boys who died waiting. Please join in.  And for the full story please go to Julia Nalle's blog and read her post!

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mandd3 said...

Oh my dear friend! I comment so rarely anymore on your posts but I READ THEM ALL! Thank you for reminding me, for not letting me look away We will light a candle and say a rosary today for the lost boys, and pray that Hanson be counted among one of the Holy Innocents.