Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ball Pit Photo Of The Week: A lesson In Noodle Eating

The ball pit has so many uses it's hard to keep track. It also doubles as a table for one! For those times when you just want to eat your noodles alone, and in peace with no one watching. 

Dinner for one  is served.

While dining alone, Emilia soon realizes she has no need for utensils. Her fingers can grab much more than that fork. And no one is looking anyway... right?
Emilia, being the smarty pants she is, soon makes another remarkable discovery. Why get your hands dirty when you can just jump in face first.
Yup that's our girl!


Colleen said...


Becca said...

That ball pit is seriously cracking me up. Great way to eat noodles! I wish I could do it that way without getting called out on it... She is so cute!!

Rochelle said...

Oh Em, you always out do yourself on cuteness. I am a little worried about the wrath of Emmie when your mom tries to take that ball pit outside this spring. LOL

ParkerMama said...

You are a very lucky Mama!

Anonymous said...

EMMIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im in school, yet again... and i am very bored.. so yea. i miss booger :(

Scrappy quilter said...

What a delight!! I love it!! Hugs