Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dossier Done ~ And A Very Special Balloon Release

I am proud to SCREAM that the Cole family who are adopting Nellie and Katelyn have finished their dossier!!! They are done!!!!! Nothing left to do but get their girls home!!!!


Nothing left to do but raise the rest of the ransom to bring their daughters home. 


 Now before you grab your pocketbooks and run from here like you were on fire, hang on a second!!   Yes I'm going to ask you to do something, that's what I do;)  But I know you all or at least most of you have a Dumpling on Reece's rainbow that you love. A special little one you wish would get a forever family. Well, this unique fund raiser may help them home! 

Beth is organizing a balloon release. Now this is no ordinary balloon release. Because inside each balloon will be information on a child waiting for a family from Reece's Rainbow!!!! And what goes up must come down!!!!!

Donate $10.00 and you can add whichever child you want from RR. And when those balloons are released my prayers are that God will guide them. Can you imagine if someone finds a balloon with that information inside!!!!  

Not only is this giveaway,( yes, Giveaway , because there are prizes too) a fabulous idea, but it  also benefit the little one with no families yet. 

My Carina has a balloon! So who do you love??? Who do you want to get a family??  

Check it out here!!! And buy a balloon!

And if you are new here and don't know about Reece's Rainbow, then check them out first. Pick any child without a family and then donate a balloon for them! 


Kristen's mom said...

such a great idea!
I just bought a balloon for Masha and one for Catherine. I'd take both of these girls if only I could. I Love them! In fact, I love all of the children! If only I could get myself a job in the institutions where these children are, I could love them all.

Rochelle said...

What a great idea. Love it!