Thursday, February 9, 2012

Picky , Picky, and Picky!

Do your kids like to eat? Do they eat well for you? Emilia has the appetite of a horse, but it's what she eats, or rather won't eat that's the problem. 

When she was younger she ate everything! I thought she was going to be the best and healthiest eater of the bunch. Then she slowly started changing. She decided veggies were for wimps and won't even look at them.    She even makes a scary face when I try to give her grapes! They were her all time favorite until recently. 

It's getting harder and harder to think of things to feed her. She can't live on scrambled eggs and popcorn forever!

Of course she can polish off a bag of Cheetos, in just minutes, Oreos, pizza, and M&M's just make her goofy happy. And just let me clear my name by stating we don't give her these foods on a regular basis and I have never given her Cheetos, washed down with M&M's  for lunch. Popcorn yes, but never Cheetos! LOL

Lately more food has been flung to the floor in disgust by Em than I care to discuss! 

Could use some pointers here , because she can't possibly be getting every thing she needs in popcorn. Even if it is kettle corn!

We've added a daily vitamin to her diet. She loves it.... of course she does, it's gummy and sweet!

Oh What's this?
Of course  steak and cheese was voted as an acceptable food by Miss.Em .

So please help me out here. She's the pickiest of the bunch now!I'm not very creative on camouflaging food.

Anyone else dealing with a food critic at home!!


Becca said...

Ohhhh, Samantha is the SAME way. She *was* a great eater, then suddenly got picky after an illness. She LOVES popcorn and bananas are the only fruit she really likes, but both of those are on the no-fly list since she has an issue with constipation, and both of those are horribly binding. :-( Chicken nuggets, hot dogs and pizza are her best bets, although she *will* eat vegetable soup if it's laced with enough goldfish swimming around in it. Hand her anything she's never had before, or hasn't had in a while, and she scrunches her face up and says, "Yuck!" without even opening her mouth to try it. LOL Yep, I feel for ya...

Rochelle said...

I have to hide most of Alayna's veggies. She is a eat any fruit kinda girl but, not so many veggies.
I make avocado and cheese wraps for her for lunch and she loves them (I melt it in the micro for 30 seconds and smash the tortilla down to smash the avocado up. Or I use any left over veggies. My kids all love pasta so I always heap Alayna's full of veggies as the sauce always hides them well.
As for Dariya she loves all veggies but not really many fruits besides bananas.
I am the mean mom that doesn't give them anything else until they eat their ...whatever it is. They both love yogurt so that is their "dessert" after they eat a good meal (which I always put in their DHA & multivitamin, I don't use the gummies I use chewables and mash them up with a fork)
Good luck, Aidan was a great eater until he went to school and realized every kid doesn't eat broccoli and dip with their lunch!

Jeana said...

Oh I love that picture of her digging into the steak and cheese. Wish I had advice for you, but little Kaelyn is hooked on her milk and will only oblige to "taste" some yogurt once in a while :) Can't wait till she will take a vitamin, thank goodness they make them in candy form :) Em is still one of my favorites :)

The VW's said...

Our 2nd son would eat anything we put in front of him, and then one day he went on a strike.....he would only eat cheese, yogurt and sometimes chicken nuggets. This lasted for months. I finally started buying V8 fruit flavored juice, which has veggies in it, just so I knew he was getting some fruit and veggies in him! : ) He is a great eater these days, and not picky at all. Hopefully it's just a phase. : )

Melissa said...

Claire is the same way. Used to eat great, not hardly now. Even the stand bys like yogurt and applesauce don't work. If it was up to her she would live on cheese. I keep hoping it's a phase!