Saturday, February 4, 2012


Insert cute yet diabolical laugh
Hey peeps! It's Emmie!!!! I have never done anything like this before!!! Moms busy, curling hair and getting things in order for my sisters. Tonight is the Father/ Daughter dance at school.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to take over the blog for a moment. 

Mom has been doing this weird happy dance lately. She says it's because Brigita is finally coming home. 

 This is Brigita. She is really cute. Mom says that she is going to be living close enough for us to go see her when she is home. After mom says this, she gets all teary eyed. I think mom really loves Brigita.

Mommy said tomorrow is a really special day. I say, "yeah, it's the Super Bowl!!! Go Pat's!!!!"

Mommy said, "No, there is something even more special happening."

Get this! Tomorrow is Brigita's birthday!! She is going to be 7 years old!!! And it's the last birthday she will ever have without her mommy!! Again, mom gets all teary when she says this.

Mom said we are going to have cake and celebrate Miss B tomorrow. 

Then I heard mom mumble something about money. And get teary eyed again. What's up with all the tears. 

I guess money is something Brigita needs. Or maybe Brigita's mommy. Well, I got some money on my birthday from people who love me.  Maybe people who love Brigita will give her some money on her birthday too. Do you love Brigita?? 

Seems pretty simple. Mom says there's a place you can put the money to keep safe until Brigita is ready to come home. Something like a Rainbow place. I didn't understand that word.

Maybe before the game comes on tomorrow we can all give a little surprise to Brigita and her mommy. It would be her very first birthday present. Imagine that! Seven years old and never getting a birthday present!!

Mom said people are going to be really busy tomorrow with the game. Then she mumbled something about money again. I think she was a little mad. I heard her say people spend millions of  that money stuff on the game. Then she yelled "A game!! A game, they can spend ,millions on! What about important things like the lives of children!!!" Mommy occasionally does this thing she calls venting. I think it's a good thing because after she's done "venting" she seems all normal again.

Well I have to go, before mom sees me. I'm cute and get away with a lot but this is probably going to get me some real time in the corner. Mom is really protective of this blog. She says it's a very special place and doesn't want anyone to mess with it. 

I just wanted to help my new friend Brigita have a nice birthday.So if you aren't too busy maybe you could give her just a little bit of that money stuff for her birthday. Mom says little things all together make a big thing. I don't really understand that, but mom says it a lot ,so it must be true.

See ya... when  I get out of the corner.



Rochelle said...

Great post Emmie! You can be a guest blogger on our blog anytime. Yay for Brigita, yay for no more birthdays without a family!

Jenn said...

Can't give til Monday~ So we'll be sending in a late bday present :)