Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When Money is Not Enough

Celine ~ $8222.00

Alexander ~ $11205.50

Bernadette ~ $9100.83

Malcolm ~ $5274.22

Maxim ~ $6615.00

Megan ~ $23820.50

Arnold ~ $16019.44

Evie ~ $7105.70

Laurel ~ $6510.00

Preston ~ $15015.14
These children along with many others are listed on Reece's Rainbow , Moving Mountains page. All the children listed on this page have sizable grants, all over $2500.00.

This leaves me completely stumped. Some of these children are more than half way to  being fully funded. What is stopping them from finding a family? 

How can a child have $15,000 in their account and still be facing  life in a mental institution?

When money is not the issue... what is?

When money is not enough to save these children, what is?

I'll tell you what is.


ACTIONS speak louder than words, ACTIONS are more powerful than money.

These children all have families. They are out there. But if these children aren't seen, how can they be found!

 How many people do you think know about them?

A few hundred? Thousands?

Maybe. But I doubt it.

Maybe a million people have to see these faces before one family will take a second look.

Well who is going to do that?

Their own families have given them away, their government hardly acknowledges their existence, and their country has turned their backs on them.


If we don't keep[ reaching out, speaking out and acting out, these children don't have a snowballs chance in hell of being found.

If we are silent then they will be silenced.

If you have been reading but not speaking, start speaking for these children. You may be the one who finds their family. If you have a blog, write a post. Anything, even just a picture. And if you are protecting your heart, don't. It works better when it is broken.


Rochelle said...

So true, so true. Sharing!

Michele said...

I love them all.

Melissa said...

I still can't believe Celine doesn't have a family yet. Such a beautiful girl!