Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For Natasha...One Step Closer

"Time stands still, beauty in all she is" Christina Perri

I've captured one of those many thoughts swirling around in my mind. I've written it here. I hope I have done it the justice it deserves.

Through the birth of Emilia, God has put many people in my path that I would otherwise, never have met.  He has also taken my heart and led it to His meekest and most needy children. I have fallen in love with many, but there are always some that your heart longs for, in a different way. Olga, Nellie, Brigita.

There are the ones that you go to check on every day, you pray for every day, and your heart breaks for everyday, like Carina, Celine, Dimitry, Amanda, Samantha and Kristina. 

Xenia, is one of the darlings that I would check on constantly. Her beauty is just overwhelming and I would get lost in her little face. 

Well , Xenia (now named Natasha), is going home. Her mama, Priscilla, is working tirelessly to bring her home. You see, she has to hurry,  Natasha is not well, her heart is tired and needs surgery immediately. In fact Priscilla has already spoken to the surgeons, everyone is ready, everything is set for Natasha. Except that she is still on the other side of the world waiting.     

She cannot wait much longer!

A generous donor has offered to double all donations up to two thousand dollars for Natasha. Your simple donation of $2.00 instantly becomes $4.00. $10.00 becomes $20.00!  A childs life is at stake here. Natasha should have been operated on as a baby, but of course she never got the medical attention she needed. Now she has the chance to live a life she has had only in her dreams. 

Priscilla said to me in a PM,

" Everyone is so wonderful in the community but they're stretched thin! There are so many of us who need to raise money! I just HAVE to find a way to get to this $2000 mark then I'll leave everyone alone! (for I'm roughly $12000 if I can raise $2000 by March 22nd, that will turn into $4000 and literally 1/3 of our need will be erased!! I was told that this community never lets kids who have a family NOT come home due to funding, they rally, and get them home, and from what I've seen that is SO TRUE...I still worry though!"

That is true! We have never let a child not come home because of funding. There have been some close calls but in the end we always rallied together and got the job done. So please, ACT NOW! For Natasha! Something so simple as a small donation, an amount not missed on our ends, but life saving to her. That's the beauty of this community, we are powerful, and there are enough of us to carry the load. It is not a burden , if we all share it.

This song playing captures everything I wanted to say in this post. Words I tried to write from a mothers point of view, a mothers heart. A mother who needs to rescue her child. 

"I will be brave, I will not let anything take away whats standing in front of me. Every breath, every hour has come to this... One Step Closer"  Christina Perri

Please, lets get Natasha home to her family and to her life saving heart surgery.   We cannot let her down. She needs all of us.

And since I cannot read and listen to music at the same time, if you have paused my music, please go back and listen to it again, read the words. Although not written with the orphan in mind , it describes a mothers heart perfectly.  


nicole said...

Donated ~ thanks for sharing.

my family said...

precious love, I pray for her every day.

Did you notice BOgdan is on new committments? his family has a blog, sweet little family...six kids and only about 8 hours away for where I live:)maybe one day I will see that sweet boy in person, God willing.Iwant to introcuce them on my blog but wanted to wait for Michelle to say it was ok to do

Do you want some mardi gras beads for your princess?

Scrappy quilter said...

Guess who else is finally coming home. PTL!! Hugs and love