Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine... This is not a Valentine's Day Post

Will you be mine? Millions of people will send cards today asking a certain someone to be their special Valentine. As I awoke this morning, I saw that some one had slipped a  little homemade card under my bedroom door. It was Sophia wishing her parents a Happy Valentine's Day. The kids got their cards to share at school. Even Miss Em has her Cars2 cards ready for all the boys(she is still the only girl in the class). 

Peter left a beautiful card for me to find by the coffee pot this morning, with a lovely dark chocolate Godiva candy bar. My favorite!! 

Today I'll make heart shaped cakes for the kids and get them what they really want ... CANDY!

But across the ocean sits a little girl all alone today. Like every other day. And she wants something too.

What does she really want?

Carina, born, April 2008
Nature: Calm

Her picture is so forlorn … I hope we can find her a family to make her smile!  She is almost 4 now and is facing imminent transfer to the institution.  PLEASE do not let this happen to her!!  
Carina is said to have a moderate intellectual delay, as well as a physical / motor function delay.  She has an open oval window of 2 mm (which may yet close on its own), and she has a heart murmur.   She has enlarged tonsils, and dermatitis — so, pretty much your standard little girl with Down syndrome!

$3754.45 is available towards the cost of my adoption!
It's not candy, or cards or cakes. She could care less about things like that. She doesn't need presents to make her happy. 

All she asks, not only today, but EVERYDAY of her life is : BE MINE... please BE my mother, BE my family, BE someone who won't turn away! Be a presence in my life, BE kind to me, BE patient with me, BE MINE, I want to go home!!!! BE IN LOVE WITH ME

My heart breaks as I write this. Because I do love her, I would love to BE HERS. I would love her to BE MINE.

But God has other plans for both of us. I cannot BE Carina's mama , but I can BE her voice. 

Carina's mama is out there somewhere . Until she finds her, I will love her and speak for her and defend her, as much as I can.  

Today, I ask one simple thing from everyone who reads this, please just say, "Jesus, please find Carina's mama, soon"  No donation, no sharing (unless you really want to) just please pause for one second today, and let that second BElong to Carina. 

And when you're loving on your children today, remember this sweet little one with such sadness in her eyes. And remember it's ok to let your heart break, that's when you can accomplish all the things God is calling you to do.

And to address the title of this post. It is not a Valentine's day post, it is a Teamwork Tuesday post. Every Tuesday,Reece's Rainbow Warriors post about a child waiting for their Forever Family. 
You can view other children waiting to BE someones love here
Chandler and Wyatt


Rochelle said...

Praying for Carina! Thanks for always keeping orphans at the top of our list.

Stephanie said...

Prayed for Carina's family today. Great post.

Stephanie Lynch

Kimberley said...

Ive stopped and said a prayer for Carina. I will continue to pray and I have faith God is going to give her the best family!!

stephanie said...

Thank you ladies!!!!