Friday, February 3, 2012

Beautiful Baby Contest, Deadline and Questions??

Enter  contest here!!
I'm shocked that there are not hundreds of crazy, proud moms flocking to this contest! I know so many of you with beautiful babies age 0- 3!  What's up?? 

There is a great prize given away,  and it supports three families who are bringing home FOUR children through Reece's Rainbow!

I was thinking maybe there is some confusion as to who can enter. 

ANYONE with a child age 0-3 can enter this contest. 

Your child does not have to have Down syndrome or be adopted.

Your child does not have to have special needs of any kind to enter this contest. This contest is open to ALL!!

You do not have to be friends on FB with anyone of the families running this contest.

You do not have to belong to any FB group in order to enter this contest!! So if your neighbor has a cute kid tell them about this contest.

Yes you can still enter if your friend has entered. This is a friendly contest, vote for each other:)

Any and all are welcome!!

$25.00 donation and the kid of your choice and you're in!;)

These four beautiful babies are who you  will be supporting by entering this contest!!! 

The winners, one boy and one girl will each receive a $150.00 Target gift card! Who doesn't need that!!!

There are still a few days left, so please grab your baby and your camera and get that winning photo submitted!!

And yes that little one, Nellie was mine!! I was her Reece's Rainbow Warrior!!  So this contest has an extra special place in my heart!! 

You can submit a photo until February 5th and the voting begins on February 6th- 14th! 

If you cannot enter than please share this!!! I know there is no shortage of beautiful babies out there!!


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