Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Ever Progressing Miss Emilia!

School ROCKS!!!!!!! I never thought I would say that but it has been the BEST thing for Em. I know I will have my battles when she changes school and gets older but for right now we are both LOVIN' it!!!

She's a Little Miss Smarty Pants!! Her receptive and expressive language are just exploding!! 

Yesterday, Sophia was in the dining room with a popcorn. You know the stuff Em would kill and maim for. Well, Em was in the living room with her favorite video and it was getting to the really good part where Em can dance along. She was walking back and forth , between pieces of popcorn, and bits of video , but that just was not working for Em.What's a kid to do! Split between to loves!!
Get this! Emmie goes to the closet where I keep my plastic containers, takes one out and brings it to Sophia! Problem solved! Sophia put some popcorn in her bowl and off she went to watch her video! Normally this is what I do, but I did not intervene this time! She problem solved!!!!!!! 

She says "all done" clear as a bell!!! Book and bubbles! She has had these words for a while but now they are so clear.

Her progress report from school was great!!! Emmie is also following one step directions there and doing fabulous!!

There are still moments where she flings herself to the ground in frustration, and times I just don't kn ow what's wrong, but that light of hope just keeps getting brighter and brighter. She amazes us daily, and we are blessed , so blessed to be in her life!


Rochelle said...

I just knew that sweet little flower would blossom at school. Isn't is so fun to watch them learn and grow?

Hey what is that white stuff in the picture, enjoying 60 here all week. Of course, we will be overrun with bugs this summer as we haven't had as much as a frost.

Zoey's Mom, Heather said...

Sweet love is finding her way. Just as I knew she would. And beautifully at that .

I have my eye on the most darling boy on RR. I mean, seriously have my eye on him!!!!

Dee Etheridge said...

She's so beautiful.

Don't know where Rochelle lives, but its been awfully warm in NC as well!

Scrappy quilter said...

It's so good to read this. Heather, you have got to tell us about it...come on girlfriend. Hugs

Lacey said...

I can't wait to get Arina into school! She is doing fabulous without a single second of therapy, but the social aspect of school will be amazing! My only worry with her is she has no speech. I really thing school will bring it out!

To Love Endlessly said...

AWWWESOME!! Marissa's language took off when she started school too! Makes your heart skip a beat when they learn a new word or phrase, doesn't it?!?