Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Below is a message from my friend Libby sent to me and others on FB.  we need to do this. Because this is a life or death situation. There's no questions at this point, just actions.

"I need help. My wonderful friends are adopting Xenia from RR...remember her? The precious little blonde cutie pie?? 
She will be named Natasha once she comes home, but right now, Xenia needs our help. She is in desperate need of heart surgery. She is passive, lethargic, and NOT WELL...this family is working hard to bring her home and someone has so generously offered to match donations up to $2000 for them. This is HUGE!! Every dollar becomes $2 which this match offer is going on! I've watched this community in action. I've seen what you can do, no, what GOD can do, for these children. Please help raise $2000 for Xenia to get home and get to Vanderbilt, and get her heart surgery, and have a LIFE, and a MOM, and a HOME!! Please, will you rally with me for this precious child? — with Patricia"


Twilson9608 said...

She is so beautiful! I am praying for her!

Lacey said...

Heading over there now!! I was just thinking last night, as I read a post Adeye did. I saw my sweet Lily, that I've always loved, but she is out of reach because she is in Russia. She is looking thin, and needs surgery also. How can we let these kids stay there? There is so much we can do, but so much we can't also. Grrrrr!