Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Own Food Challenges/Issues

I have to admit. I don't like food messes. I like clean little faces. But Emmie on the other hand LOVES spreading her food all over her face. In fact her signature move, as I call it, is when she has a face full of some spreadable gloppy, gooey, food and brings both equally messy hands up to her face, places them on her cheeks, then smooths them all the way up her face and runs them through her hair, repeatedly!  

Knowing that this is coming, I do prefer to feed her really messy food. But, I can't do that forever, so I've been rising to the challenge of getting over my own food phobia and letting Miss Em have the messy stuff.  

Look how good she is getting!

How can I deny her this happiness!  And notice how clean she is keeping the spoon by using her hand instead! lol

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