Thursday, February 16, 2012

With Every Beat of Her Heart..

...she is waiting for relief. 

Xenia needs heart surgery, as soon as she gets home.

A generous donor is prepared to match every donation dollar for dollar up to $2000.00!!!!

With every beat of your heart...WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?? 

What would you be praying if this was your child? 

What would your heart feel like if you were so far away from your little girl, and knew she was getting worse! And the only thing that was preventing you from running to her was money! 

I do not believe that every one reading this cannot find something to give. I do not believe it because I know you, and I know your hearts! They are huge.

Everything donated will be doubled! Your $5 turns in to $10, your $10 in to $20. 

And Xenia will find her relief! 

Please go, let your hearts lead you.

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