Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This is Urgent!

My incredible friend Jane whose heart beats in time with Jesus' when it come to orphans has left me speechless.  I cannot do her story justice so I am reposting it here.  When you get to the end of this post you will see a photo of two little girls. Samantha and Kristina, they are sisters, and they stole my heart a couple of months ago, when I saw them on Reece's Rainbow. What stopped me dead in my tracks were their birthdays. November 22, and November 27th. My son and husbands birthdays! I'm their prayer warrior now and what has filled my head since finding them is wondering where they actually are, are they ok, are they still together, are they sick, does anyone even know they are alive, or even care.
Soon my friend Jane will know the answer to all these questions. She is going there, to them. She will see them and hold them. I became their Prayer warrior, and God is answering MY prayers. All my questions will be answered, and not by a stranger, or hearsay, but by my friend. I will admit I'm afraid of the answers. I'm afraid what Jane will tell me when she gets back. But I'm so thankful for this miracle. Of all the places they could be or Jane could go, God is putting them together. And because she is going there, I can be certain that Samantha and Kristina and all the others will feel love, if even for a moment, but they will remember what love feels like forever!God speed dear friend. My heart is with you!

Music for Bobby! Please Re-Post!

My trip is very soon to that 'remote institution' that is Bobby's home.

You can help! I need your help!

Thank God my path has led me to the amazing work of 'The Happy Child Foundation'. These are the people who will try to open doors for me to see the children and find ways to help. Visit
here  to see the amazing work they are doing.

So as I make plans to leave I quickly realise that I simply cannot go empty handed! The dilemma... I don't really have the finances for the trip 
itself,  let alone to arrive armed with gifts and much needed items!!
So here is where you can help and I pray that you will!!
In the lead up to valentines day, our celebration of love, I need a 2 week fund raising miracle!
Can we bring about a TRUE LOVE VALENTINE MIRACLE for these children?
Could you spare the money you would spend on a card or a rose or a meal for 2 for the children of 50?

 Albert Pavlov...founder of the foundation in initial contacts has told me the children really need musical instruments and writing/art supplies! So a shopping trip together when I arrive is planned before we visit! But without your help it will simply be 'window shopping'! Can you help me build a pot of money for this shopping trip to bring music and art to the children at orphanage 50? It will be hand-picked equipment by people who know what is really needed and useful and then hand delivered. Can you help?

I remember the excitement of being a child and the instruments being brought out of the classroom cupboard...do you? Could we bring moments like this to these children so desperate  for their days to have something within them apart from the same 4 walls and the bars of a cot!

The Happy Child Foundation can take pay pal donations through this link  at Eleanors Kids, its sister charity in theUSA... 
http://deti.zp.ua/eng/paypal.php  donations here can be collected into a pot of money to shop with when I arrive. If you do donate you will need to say at the point of your donation what your money is for. Please make sure you say it's for 'Music and Art for Bobby'. This will ensure the money is kept separate and available to spend when I get there with the full support of the 'Happy Child Foundation ' staff to ensure that only the most appropriate equipment possible is purchased!
I would also love enough funds to stock the institution in nappies for a week!

One trip by the Happy Child Foundation delivering nappies!

It costs $150 a day for nappies! $150 x7...Could we manage this as well? Lack of nappies, bed sores and the repercussions of this unacceptable situation must be unbearable for the children and the staff trying to care for them...could we help? Again just donate on the link above with the same code, 'Music and Art for Bobby'!

Bring some sunshine into the lives of the children at Orphanage 50! Not only the nine beautiful little souls listed at Reece's Rainbow but all of them!








Samantha and Kristina

Samantha is the eldest of the sisters.

Help them make some music and draw some pictures.
Give true love this valentines!

Let's help them to LIVE for no child is simply born to die!

The children's graves at Bobby's home!

Please help me help these children and the people trying to care for them!

Please share and help spread the word for the children of orphanage 50!

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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

steph i knew you would explode when i told you! your girls...send me a picture of you i want to take it to them and let them know you are praying for them and love them!

i am in tears that you shared this thankyou thankyou thankyou

the way god puts his big picture together...i have chills! xxxx