Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Heath

I post about a lot of orphans. I get ridiculously attached and my heart breaks on a daily basis. My skin has not thickened and honestly I hope it never does. 

 One of the hardest kinds of posts for me to write are the ones like this one. 

Meet Heath

 Heath is turning 11 years old in April. ELEVEN! I don't want to think about what he has had to endure all these years by himself. How many times was he sick, or lonely, bored, or just needed to be hugged. Do any of you have eleven year olds at home?? How many times have they needed you?  How many boo boos, have you kissed in eleven years! How does a child survive for eleven years by himself? 

And how much longer can he continue without the love of a family? 

He is at the age of being overlooked, past by and unnoticed.  

He needs to come home. 

Boy, Born April 8, 2001
Heath is a sweet little boy who desperately needs a family.    

Heath is a ten year old boy with Down Syndrome. He is tiny in stature. His feet hardly reach the edge of his shared wheelchair. Because of his age, he has already been transferred from the stimulating environment of his baby house to a dull and underfunded mental institute for boys ages 6-18. He is no longer the youngest boy in his group, but he is certainly among the smallest.
Heath is not a recent transfer. He has lived in the stifling boredom of institution life for a long time. He has lost the vivacity of life at the baby houses. In his three years at the institute, he has been given nothing of his own. He has not seen a book or a toy. He has never been gathered into anyone's loving arms. He is a very lonely little fellow in desperate need of love and comfort.
We have few other details on Heath. He has been seen in a wheelchair, so he may not be able to walk. We don’t know if or how well he talks, or any other details on his medical condition. We do know that he is a cute, chubby-cheeked, dirty and neglected lonely little lost boy who needs a mother more than almost anyone else in the world.
If you would like to learn more about Heath from a family who met him at his present institute, please follow these links:
$3537.80 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Please pass this along. Heath needs to be seen. You can share this on your FB  with one  click from my sidebar. God has a plan for every child. There is a family out there who would love to welcome Heath in to their lives. We just have to find them. 

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Rochelle said...

Ugh, how did I miss he is one of the lost boys? Thank you for not letting your skin be hardened!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,

I read your blog from time to time. Thank you for highlighting Heath. I've read a lot about him on Julia Nalle's site. My heart hurts for him. Have you thought of blogging about a few of the kiddos with large grants? Arnold just shot up above $15,000 today and Preston has $15,000. Megan 2H has $23,000! Where are their families? I wish these little ones with such large grants would fly off the pages to the MFFM page and that families would know that with this amount and the potential tax credit, they are well over $25,000 in funds and with Megan, potentially fully funded!!!


stephanie said...

Absolutely Sue! I've posted Megan on FB, but I can definitely write about the children with larger grants here. I too, can not understand why they are still waiting.