Sunday, February 5, 2012

Before The Super Bowl

The sky is cloudless and the sun is just coming up through the trees. It's quiet and still and just how a Sunday morning should be.  We will be going to church soon, and then dinner at my mom's house. I have the movie Courageous that we rented and would like to watch that this afternoon too.  A lot to do before the big game.

Oh, we'll be watching that's for sure. I mean it's our hometown playing ! Where else would we be!

Well a little over a year ago, I guess I would say, there's no where else I would be. February 5th had no significant meaning to me.  But a day back in November of 2010, when my daughter Sophia, showed me a picture of Brigita  on Reece's Rainbow,  changed that. We sat there and looked at Brigita, and the first thought I had was, why did you lead her to this child, God. This child is going to break her heart.


She was already almost six years old. I feared the worst for Brigita and wanted to protect Sophia. But Sophia had other plans. She wanted to be her Prayer Warrior, and she started blogging about Brigita. I was not going to stop her as her mind was already made up. I did try to stay dis-attached.  That lasted for about five minutes. Then I found myself looking at Miss B's picture and checking on her daily, and blogging about her myself. We feel in love and we feel head over heels!!

I was wondering what God was up to. How was an 11 year old child and her mother going to do anything for this child so far away. 

Then I saw it!!! A post written by a woman, and she was writing about our Brigita!!  She referred to Brigita as The Cheshire Charmer, because of her adorable smile. I sat and cried because I found someone else who loved Brigita.  My friend Helle all the way in Norway, was Brigita's RR Warrior!! 

Now there were two!!! Two mama's to love Miss B, and advocate for her!!

But wait, Helle had some news!!! She knew another Mama! Kelly!! And Kelly had a direct link to Miss B!!! Kelly had been to the orphanage!!She had actually held her and loved on her!! 

THREE Mama's!!!

Then I met a very quiet and sweet woman. Who already knew Helle and Kelly. I saw a comment she left one day on Helle's blog and it just made me smile!  She loved Miss B too!!! In came Lauren!

FOUR Mama's!!! 

Can you believe, through Sophia finding a picture of Brigita, to all of us meeting and all of us loving this one little girl!  We are scattered all over the country and Norway!!! Yet one little girl made us friends, and advocates! 

We exchanged emails and stayed in touch. We would randomly pray Novena's to St. Rita to find Brigita's real mama!  Yes, all four of us would walk through fire to rescue Brigita, but for various reasons, none of us could adopt her at this time. 

We have been together as friends and advocates, praying together, when necessary crying together and always supporting each other, for over a year now. 

Then a woman named Dee emailed me on Christmas Eve. She told me how she loved Brigita and wanted so much to be her mama! Her real mama! She wanted to adopt her!!  We, "the mama's" were saying a  Christmas Novena for Brigita, Novena's are a nine day prayer, and Christmas was day nine! I found out Miss B was going home on Christmas Eve! Could God have given me anything better??? Well just to make it perfect.... Dee lives on the East Coast, so yes He could and did make it better!! I will hold that Dumpling in my arms one day!!  

Then one day a friend, Christina on FB, announced that she saw a child on RR that she fell in love with. She referred to her as her daughter. I smiled and thought that was nice,and went to her wall to see who the Dumpling was. You know where this is going right?? Yup! Brigita!

MAMA # 5!!!!

I was seriously overwhelmed and sent her a message explaining everything about Brigita's other mothers and Dee. Christina jumped in with both feet and started a group on FB to support Dee and started fund raising right away to help with the up front expenses. She is indispensable and God knew we needed her!!

And on this very special day, seven years ago God started his plan for Brigita and her "mama's". Seven years ago today a baby was born. A baby whose mother said NO!
A baby unwanted, and unloved. A beautiful baby girl, with Down syndrome FAS, and most likely other delays. A little girl who would have to wait over seven years to know love. 

I cannot count the prayers that have been said for this child, just like I cannot count the tears that have been shed. There were days when we all were so down about Brigita. Days when emails were written through tears. Always the same... where is her mama??? 

Today on her special day, before the big game, The Super Bowl, please could you send Brigita a birthday gift. A small gift. A gift from your heart. This isn't a fund raiser. I don't expect thousands , or even hundreds of dollars Just a birthday gift to a child who is coming home, to a mother trying to make it happen as quickly as possible.   I just want this day acknowledged, it's her day, her special day. And when she is older and home, Dee will tell her that on her seventh birthday, even though she was still far away, she wasn't alone. That people across the ocean took a minute to send her a gift. A gift that was used to bring her home! 


Robin E. said...

Steph, you've got me crying again! But this time it is tears of happiness and unimaginable gratitude. Who among us would have really believed it on this day last year, that was so black and crushing? Who would have believed that our dreams for her would be coming true in one year's time? By her birthday next year she will have those balloons and presents, the pretty dress and bow in her hair. And somehow we're gonna have to make sure and get her that Hello Kitty cake!!!!!

Happy Birthday sweet precious baby girl, Brigita! We love you so, so much!!!!!

Rochelle said...

I am crying too! What a great web that God has weaved for this sweet angel to come home! So thankful for all of you who never give up. Even when advocating is really tough and you think the world has heard enough. Love wins my friend!

my family said...

what a beautiful story so happy she is going home!!