Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What does that amount mean? $15,048.14

It's a lot of money. 

It could pay a lot of bills.

Buy a car.

Down payment on a house.

Nice little nest egg.

Super vacation!

Yup $15,048.14 can do a lot of things. 

This handsome man, has that money

Meet Preston. A gorgeous blue eyed blond haired boy, waiting. Waiting for his family to find him. 

Preston has $15,048.14 available towards the cost of his adoption, and still he waits!

If money is what's holding you back, well Preston just took that obstacle out of the way.

Boy, born October 2005
Eyes: Blue
Hair: light brown
Character: smart, active, social


Preston is an orphanage favorite!    He is  6 now and needs a family of his own.  He does have a  heart condition, but he is active and doing well despite this.  His adenoids and tonsils are enlarged (very common) and should probably be removed.   

Preston will be transferred to an Adult Mental Institution soon!  With $15,048.14 in his account he is still facing being transferred!!! 

This is hard for me to understand. Here is a beautiful child just waiting for a family, he is half way to being fully funded , so most of the stress of raising all those adoptions fees, has been erased. The leading cause for someone to not adopt, MONEY, is not an issue here. 

So what is???

Is Preston your son? 

Can you save this child from the Institution?

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Rochelle said...

I can't understand this either. The main reason people tell me they "can't" adopt is the money. Well here you go a beautiful boy who is well on his way to being fully funded.