Friday, March 23, 2012

Nuts or Normal??

You've got to have a sense of humor to keep your sanity (Quote by - Lance Bass) 

I keep telling myself that! Especially this week.  It all started when I picked up a copy of Readers Digest. I was lured in by the title on the cover, " Are you Normal or Nuts."   I am morbidly attracted to articles like this. I've been accused of standing slightly left of center at times and I guess I was  looking for some solid evidence that my "nuts" is somehow normal. After reading the article I decided their nuts was more normal than I'll ever be and settled into accepting my self diagnosis of crazy lady.

Just as I was coming to terms with this I realized Miss Em was missing. I was so into reading that she obviously took this opportunity to high tail it to the forbidden room... the bathroom.  I thought I had heard a door shut but dismissed it as "something I don't feel like dealing with right now".   That was my first mistake.

Because Miss Em was in the bathroom, with the toilet... and the cat litter. 

As I entered the room,  I was frozen by the site within. I felt a blood curdling scream rising from my toes and making it's way up through my body, gaining momentum as it rose higher looking for a way out. I knew if I let that scream out, windows would shatter, car alarms would be going off and dogs would be running for high hills to bark at the moon.

With every fiber of my being I stifled that scream, turned around slowly and left the bathroom. .. for my camera of course. As I passed by Peter, i told him I would be needing his help in a moment.

The damage was done, may as well document it. Below is lunacy at it's best. The video is brief but the audio that follows is riveting. Yes I thought the camera was off.

*Heads up, I did say the "S" word. Considering the circumstances I am amazed it wasn't an array of more colorful words. And if you don't find this at least mildly amusing , you are much too sane and need to loosen up ;)


Rochelle said...

Are you kidding me?
Em's giggling had me rolling.
You guys were the calmest people ever! I would have been yelling for Jason to sanitize her hahaha.
And tell Peter you get the blogger of the year award for getting your camera first! (I get in trouble when I do that ;)

my family said...

will all grossness aside I agree with Rochelle, I would have been freaking! You sounded so calm I loved when your husband said something about you getting your camera first...that is so what my kids and hubby would have said

No more bathroom time little girly:)