Monday, March 5, 2012

Me Again..

"Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out."

 Benjamin Franklin

I had hope yesterday that $245.00 would find it's way into Carina's account. It didn't, in fact not one penny was added. 

And I'm among the ranks of the people that did not donate yesterday. I just couldn't. I didn't have it to give.(but I am collecting change)

So I understand.
Today I still have that hope that $245.00 will find it's way into her account. 
I believe when God calls you to advocate He also gives you just a drop of insanity.  
If not, how could we pick ourselves up and go on, again and again.
How would we not just say , the hell with it. No one cares, no one listens. 
 And if nothing appears again today, than there is always tomorrow, and the next day and the next.

Of course, Carina doesn't have too many tomorrows left. Her April birthday is fast approaching and the present she will get will be a ride to an adult mental institution.
 So if you could spare a few dollars, my insanity would greatly appreciate it. A water instead of that coffee, saves at least $1.50... I'll take it. Or buy the chicken instead of the roast, that saves a few $$, I'll take those too. There are so many ways to do something that will add up to $245.00
So I 'm taking Ben's advice and reaching out.  I never would have been so bold in the past to do something like this. By this, I mean advocating for these beautiful little ones.  I never would have voiced my opinion. 

What if someone didn't agree with me? Or what if I offended someone?? 

HA! That's where the insanity comes in. Thank you God, because now I don't care!
If you are offended than you should also be ashamed, and if you don't agree, than stick around, maybe I can change your mind.
 Spring is coming and Carina will be going. It's up to me/us as to where she goes. To a mental institution or home. 

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The VW's said...

Insanity does have it's perks, doesn't it?! : ) How you could ever offend anyone, is beyond me! Your heart is way too good to step on any toes! We love you for that! Keep it up! Hugs!