Monday, March 19, 2012

What Can We Do With A Sippy Cup???

A Sippy Cup??

Well, the goal would be to get this Dumpling Fully funded and home!

This is Natasha(Xenia). She is being adopted by The Morse Family. They are getting very close!! Time is of the essence because Miss Natasha needs surgery.  I've posted this before but just in case you missed it I'll say it again. She is not well. She needs heart surgery , everything on this side of the ocean is ready for her. Surgeons, hospital, and family. 

Her mom Priscilla, has not stopped for a second. She has been moving like a freight train to bring Natasha home.

This is what she's up to now. And if we get enough people on board I do believe The Morse Family can do the Fully Funded Dance!

Just fill that sippy with change.

Without even trying you produce change almost everyday. If I walk around my house, I will find it all over the place. Have a scavenger hunt and put it in the sippy!!  The more people who participate the faster Natasha gets that life saving surgery!!!

Priscilla will even send you the sippy!! Now hows that for service! 

This is Priscilla's email.

Just drop her a message with your name and address and she'll send you a sippy. 

The change collecting will run until April 25th and you can deposit your change into the Morse Family chip in here. 

This is going to help cover the cost of Visas.

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