Thursday, March 1, 2012


Why , why do I love that word??? 

Because that word means that these two Dumplings will be coming home soon!!!!



The Coles are just waiting on their travel date!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!

Now just one more little thing to take care of before they come home.

The rest of their ransom, which is only $8000.00

Now how can you help clear that up?
By joining in on...

One big beautiful balloon release 

Balloons will be released on March 25st. Inside those balloons, will be information about orphans from Reece's Rainbow.
So pick an orphan from Reece's Rainbow, donate $10.00 to the Coles chip in, and in doing that you will be helping Katelyn and Nellie (and Artem) home and maybe just maybe one of those balloons will come down and land in the hands of one of those precious babies mama.

So go go go!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Nellie and Katelyn are coming home!!!!