Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day... Make Someone Aware!

Today is the seventh World Down Syndrome Day and the very first time it is being officially observed by the United Nations!!

Down syndrome is also called Trisomy 21. Simply meaning the 21st chromosome is tripled. There are two sets of each chromosome equally 46, a person with Down syndrome pulled the hat trick and just tripled their 21st chromosome, giving them a total of 47 chromosomes. That is why today March 21st was chosen to be WDSD. The third month and 21st day. Clever, eh?

 So what do you do today??? Celebrate! And raise awareness!!!

What if you don't have a child or know anyone with Ds?? What can you do today?

  Celebrate and raise awareness anyway! Educate yourself or a friend. If you have questions about Ds, ask them. Read a book. Do something. Speak up against the R word. 

Here are some excellent websites.



  This is the face of Down syndrome!  She is not scary, or stupid, or retarded. 
She is the same as you and me, only better. Because she loves more, laughs more and forgives more.

She is "special". But not because she is slower or does not understand. She is special because she will achieve everything she sets out to do, with bold determination . Her understanding is not beneath ours but so high above us it touches heaven.

Reach out today, educate, be educated, be aware!

Down syndrome is not what most people perceive it to be. It is not awful and scary and the "end"!

On the contrary, our lives didn't truly begin until our family had Emilia in it.


Rochelle said...

Love! Happy WDSD to you all!

Runningmama said...

Happy World Down Syndrome Day, so glad our paths have crossed because of Down Syndrome :-)