Thursday, March 15, 2012

Venting Over... Now Just Fluffy and Cute

 Well, I'm back. Thank you for being so sweet and understanding,  that all people occasionally need to vent. 

Thank you for the emails and PM's. We all get fed up, frustrated, and annoyed. I'm no different. My blog is my place and I've said from day one , I won't be anything here that I'm not anywhere else. I'm just me. 
My heart is good, my patience... not so good.

So here's some of that fluffy and cute stuff I mentioned yesterday. 

It's okay to laugh. We all did. On some days she is definitely here to amuse us.  

 Hysterical part is, this Chick loved this crazy get up. This photo is blurry(because she is clapping for herself) but I still had to post it. She looks like a beetle bug!

 She is seriously ready to take on the world in this outfit.


Rochelle said...

Love the fluff, love the honesty and speaking the truth.
Way too many people have turned their heads for too long.
Love you!

Scrappy quilter said...

Heh friend, she doesn't need the outfit to take on the world. She is doing it just with her sweet personality and her attitude. She is priceless. Love ya