Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thanking the Village

Carina's account is now OVER 4000.00 by 4.00!!!!  I have to admit, when I posted on Sunday and Carina's account didn't budge, I felt crummy, then a little silly for thinking people would just randomly donate money just because I asked them to. There was no giveaway, nothing to gain, I had nothing to offer. 

But I kept hearing , ask again. Believe me I was hesitant. I mean no one really enjoys looking silly. And I think I've been there, done that enough, lol

But I sucked it up and listened to that little voice, and voila!
 So now, I say thank you, to the Village, who doesn't need anything in return, to rally for an orphan. A village whose hearts just keep growing.
I truly love you guys!!!!

And just this morning I found out one of our own villagers , Miss Jane has been nominated for Circle of Moms 25Top inspiring Families!! 

And Miss Jane was also the last to know she was nominated and the contest is almost over:(

You see, Jane was busy traveling to the other side of the world to bring some much needed love to Orphanage 50. You can read about that on her blog here.

BUT first, please vote HERE!!!! Lets get her into the top 25 today!!! Piece of cake if we all vote. Look for her blog, Flight Platform Living, and vote! No signing in or signing up. Just hit the vote button and that's it!Couldn't be easier or quicker.

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