Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Never Too Late

Yesterday was the day I should have written this post, but I never did.  So many great posts were written on the "word" that I felt it would just be redundant for me to write what was already written, and written so well by others. 


 I kind of rethought that thought, and I thought, that thought, was pretty thoughtless. Still following?

Did I just blow off a chance to advocate? ME?

Did I just let everyone else do something?

Did I just think that it didn't matter if I spoke up or not?

Holy Smoke, I did!!!

So here's my two cents on the The "word",a day late.


Think about it

I didn't call you a retard when you tripped and fell over your own feet, so don't call my kid a retard for trying harder than anyone I know, to do everything.

Don't call your dishwasher retarded(something I was guilty of doing)Yes, I did. I'm not here to say I'm better because I don't use the word retard anymore, but I have been educated since the birth of my daughter. These are all my past faults.

Don't say, and I repeat, DO NOT say, "I didn't mean it that way" or "it's just a saying" 
Hey Niggar, is a saying too, but you would jump into fire before uttering it to another human being because it is so damn offensive, degrading and hurtful. Guess what, "RETARD" is right up there with the "N" word.

This is my daughter Emilia

She is NOT a retard.
She IS perfection.
She IS joy.
And she IS the reason I had to write this post, even if it was a day late. 
I have a responsibility to her to educate, advocate, and protect. I'm not dropping the ball on this one.  



Stephanie said...

She is beautiful...I was reading about her birth the other day and figured out that she and Ellis Anne are the same age...Ellis Anne was born on Oct 13 2008!!!

Thanks for the post...AMEN!!!!


my family said...

yes, amen sista!
I kind of felt the same way about posting....a crazy day and rushed. I ran home for lunch and posted it. Maybe not my best but darned it I have to do this for William and all of our T21 friends .....and no its never too late:) have a happy weekend

Rochelle said...

No worries my friend, I didn't blog about it either this year.

Ellen said...

Bravo! Well put. And nobody should feel guilty about not posting on the actual day because this is something that people need to be reminded of year-round.

Emilia is SUPER-beautiful!