Friday, March 9, 2012

See Dmitry Today!!!

I had two posts I could have published today. One very serious and one very hysterical. Then my Norwegian buddy Helle, posted about her Reece's Rainbow Dumpling, Dmitry   

I think he's beautiful! Some will look at him and see only imperfections. I see an almost six year old little boy, who has unlimited possibilities and endless potential! 

Dmitry needs some exposure! He needs to be seen.  Six long years he has been out of view, away from people, places, away from everything. 

Today he is being seen. You are looking at him right now. I'm passing the baton to you.

Dmitry is in your hands. please put him somewhere that he will be seen. 

If you are here, you have a computer. You have access to the world.  Use it for good.

 Blogs, FB, twitter, tumblr, google+ , linkedIn, delicious, pinterest, dig, you tube

And the list goes on and on.

Dmitry needs to go home. We can do that for him. People... people who will become his family, just need to know he exists!

It's not a hard job. We can do all from the comfort of our homes. Where we have all we need, to get Dmitry all he needs. 
 This post took me no more than 5- 10 minutes to get up and posted.
 Do you have a few minutes to possibly save a life?
Of course you do.



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