Thursday, March 29, 2012

Carina's Hope is Coming Along!!

April is Carina's birth month. She will be turning four years old. FOUR,that is the ripe old age when transfer to an adult mental institution for orphans like Carina begins. 

I am trying desperately to prevent that from happening. The only thing that can save Sweet Carina from a fate that seems already sealed, is a family. 

Unfortunately she does not have one yet.

But there is still hope!

With the help of some amazing and generous friends I have been putting together a giveaway for Carina.  

It will be simple and sweet just like her.
My hope is that if her account grows, a family will come forward. I know money is the biggest obstacle there is when considering international adoption.

I'm going to need your help when this giveaway begins. I'm going to need help spreading it all over! 

I need as many new people to see her as possible. 

Time is of the essence.

I am still taking any donations you might like to add to the giveaway. It's not too late:)
If you'd like to offer something just send me an email

Please help me save her!!




Rochelle said...

Will spread it around and around.

Stephanie said...

I'll donate something...let me think about me if I dont get back with you.

Stephanie Lynch